Oil & Gas

Moreover, Dikkan Group's products are manufactured in Dikkan's own foundry.

Oil & Gas

Oil drilling and degassing activities face various problems including extremely high temperatures, salt water, impurity, vibrations, explosion risk and high levels of mechanical stress, and the tools used in oil drilling and degassing activities are adversely affected by these problems, which occur frequently.

Therefore, Dikkan Group manufactures valves that are suitable for use both on the surface and underground in order to ensure the safe movement of fluids, mainly in the oil pipelines and gas lines.

Dikkan Group provides its customers with high-pressure resistant, durable, high quality valves that are equipped with high quality safety equipment and suitable for each and every step of drilling, degassing from the main source to transmission, refinery, storage and distribution of these products.


We offer safe, quality, high pressure and heat resistant, and operationally and financially beneficial and growth-friendly solutions and products that are suitable for the challenging conditions of drilling process.


We offer safe solutions that would meet the requirements of oil and gas units at the highest possible level.

We meet our customers' expectations conforming to the standards thanks to our durable, high-quality products that are resistant to high pressure, high temperature and corrosive fluids and equipped with high- quality safety equipment.

We create solutions to ensure customer satisfaction at the highest level with the help of our large portfolio comprising of various products that are suitable for different fluids.


Transportation: Pipelines carry oil and gas for long distances. Distance between pipelines create pressure fluctuations during the transportation process.

This may cause gas leakage for the environment, and it requires further investment in high-cost compressing stations. We offer alternative solutions with tailor-made products for our customers.

Distribution: We offer our customers quality and long-lasting solutions by manufacturing leakproof, durable, high pressure and heat resistant and safe valves, for the distribution of gas and oil.


For our customers, we provide durable, operationally flexible and financially beneficial solutions, which allow the manufacturing and pipeline elements to have high level of investment return, in oil and gas storage facilities.

Our large portfolio ensures customer satisfaction at the highest level thanks to suitable, durable, quality and safe products.