Taking into consideration the dynamics of the mining industry, we offer various, safe and reliable solutions.

We guarantee high level of performance despite the extraneous materials in the lines, conformity to the international quality standards, highly safe equipment for our products while meeting the expectations of mining industry.

Iron & Steel

Having regard to the requirements of iron-steel industry, our portfolio is composed of durable, low maintenance, high pressure and heat resistant and quality products.


Chemical industry hosts a wide range of products with many different production processes.

It is strictly important to process the toxic materials safely, as well as corrosion resistance, reliability and low cost in the chemical industry. Reliable and complicated solutions are often sought due to high temperature, aggressive and inflammable fluids.

While conforming to the international standards, we have diligently created a product range in order to meet our customers' needs with safe, leakproof products that are not only resistant to high temperature and high pressure, but also ensure safe flow of dangerous and risky chemical fluids.


We present quality, high pressure, heat resistant and low-maintenance products, which guarantee sustainable performance, for the safe fluid control.

Pulp & Paper Industry

We would like to contribute to the efforts for sustainable and profitable success in the rapidly growing pulp and paper industry, and for this purpose, we exert our efforts in managing efficient, reliable, durable and environmentally smarter processes.

We provide suitable solutions for the paper industry with high pressure resistant, durable, quality and low maintenance products.