Resistant to against high pressure and high temperature

Oil & Gas

Therefore, Dikkan Group manufactures valves that are suitable for use both on the surface and underground in order to ensure the safe movement of fluids, mainly in the oil pipelines and gas lines.


Our main focus is to always improve in order to meet the requirements of energy industry. We develop new and above-the-standards solutions for our customers to meet the expectations in the sector.


We offer various, safe and reliable solutions to various industrial area.

Moreover, Dikkan Valve's products are manufactured in Dikkan's own foundry

Having been founded in 1978, Dikkan Valve is one of the outstanding casting and valve manufacturers in national and international markets. Dikkan Valve provides valves for the oil and gas industries. The valves are manufactured in a tailor-made manner for oil and gas industries thanks to Dikkan Valve's manufacturing capacity, technical efficiency and staff of engineers that are experts in their fields. Being the proud founders of the first Research & Development centre in the valve industry in Turkey, Dikkan Valve carries its manufacturing activities in its own integrated facilities by benefitting from its engineering expertise and effectiveness.

Suitable, durable, quality and safe products.

Our Priorities


Our R&D center has made it possible for us to achieve many new solutions and work in the framework of Industry 4.0 in both product technical competence and solutions to be presented to our customers.


We offer efficient, quality and long-term solutions to our customers.

Eco Friendly

We offer environmentally friendly product and innovative solutions thanks to our sustainable manufacture performance.






Quality and long-lasting solutions